Dad and son feel like they’re living in The Counjuring with shadowy figure dogs growl at


A father and son have been left thoroughly freaked out after capturing a shadowy figure on camera in their spare bedroom, following things going missing and their dogs acting strangely

Shadowy figures, strange smells and noises, things going missing and dogs growling at seemingly nothing – it’s like something out of the terrifying film, The Conjuring.

But for Marc Wahlberg and his son, this isn’t a movie scene, it’s reality.

The father and son, have been left feeling ‘freaked out’ after a series of supernatural goings-on in their home and after some time unsure of whether they were imagining things, the duo claims they’ve captured images of eerie forces at work.

Marc, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, had been wary of the spare room in his house for a few years, as his three chow-chows had made a point to avoid the space and growl at unseen things in there.

He claims he’d also heard mysterious footsteps inside, despite the room being empty.

After noticing items moving on their own, son Zachary, 26, set up a camera in July to investigate and what they caught has left the previously ‘sceptical’ duo convinced they are not alone.

Shots captured after the motion sensor was triggered reveal a mysterious black shadow crossing the room.

The 49-year-old painter says the photos have ‘shocked’ him and Zachary and people have urged them to call in a medium, though the pair fears annoying the spirit so have resolved to put up with it until they move out next month.

Marc said: “It’s been happening for the past two years. I’d hear strange noises. But I didn’t think too much of it.

“Things will go missing too. I always leave my wallet downstairs, at the side of the microwave, but next thing I know it’s in a drawer in the upstairs room.

“My son, Zachary, has a tendency to leave his keys by the door, but then they’ll end up in the middle of the kitchen floor. These are heavy keys – they don’t just drop. You’ll hear the dogs barking, come downstairs and the keys are on the floor.

“So when Zachary came to stay with me, I gave him the back bedroom and he kept saying he was smelling strange smells. Initially, I just thought ‘Oh, whatever, it must be the neighbours’.

“Zachary likened the smell in the room to like a bin being wide open. He always has candles on to try and mask it.

“I’m a bit of a sceptic, so I didn’t really believe in any of this supernatural stuff.

“Zachary decided he’d had enough and got himself a camera that took still photos, but it didn’t do videos. It had a motion detector on it.

“When we saw what had triggered it to take pictures, we were thinking of everything we could to try and debunk it. We thought it surely must have been a fly going onto the lens or something.

“But this shadowy thing would appear beside the bed, in the corner, above the bed, everywhere. We had no explanation for it whatsoever.”

The dad continued to say that they spent ages researching and trying to find a normal explanation for what they had seen, but struggled to come up with anything.

“We kept going back to questioning whether it was a fly, but I thought ‘You can see right through it, how can that cause a black shadow like that?’

“He’s not easily spooked, but he didn’t like that shadowy black figure at all. When it comes to dark shadows that creep above the bed, we didn’t like that. It really freaked us out.

“It creates a really uneasy feeling. Zachary hates flies, he can’t stand the sound of buzzing, so he keeps his window closed and always checks when he comes in. It definitely wasn’t a fly.

“I don’t know what it could be. But when I saw the orb shoot up on the video, that made me think ‘This isn’t just some fly or some blur’.

“It reminds me of The Conjuring.”

Marc adds: “It shocked the living bloody daylights out of us. It’s something we didn’t expect.

“You can watch as many programmes as you like about the paranormal, but until you see it or experience it, you won’t understand it.

“I’ve had people mention getting some scent sticks or getting a medium in. But I’m already moving in a few weeks, I don’t want to p**s it off so it follows me.

“It makes you think back on the things you used to debunk. I’m definitely going to carry on documenting it to see what happens.”