Woman mortified after DIY eyebrow tint leaves her with ginormous brows


TikTok user Libby Anderson couldn’t believe her bad luck when the dye she used to tint her eyebrows ended up staining all of the skin around them

It’s fair to say that everyone has experienced their own fair share of DIY beauty disasters, whether it’s a home box dye leaving you with yellow roots or dodgy false tan giving you orange hands and feet.

One girl has, however, learned the hard way that some things are just best left with the professionals.

TikTok user Libby Anderson, who goes by the handle @libbyanderson__ on the app, was trying to give herself an eyebrow tint at home when disaster struck.

The clip starts with Libby’s brows all brushed up and covered in dark brown dye, in the style of the fashionable ‘soap brow’ look. However, as soon as the TikToker starts to apply a wipe to the brow in order to remove the product, you can see it has gone disastrously wrong.

Instead of just dying the actual eyebrows themselves, where Libby has brushed the hair upwards, the dye has transferred in huge splodges onto the skin under the hairs and above the eyebrow itself.

Libby can be seen desperately scrubbing at the skin around her brows with no success, as she laughed at her own blunder.

Fortunately for Libby though, she was quickly inundated with comments from other women who have made the same mistake in the past.

“This legit happens to me every time I do my own brows,” one TikTok user commented, while another suggested: “Put Vaseline around your eyebrow next time and then it won’t stain!”

Meanwhile, a third offered some advice for how she could remove the ginormous new brows, writing: “Might not be the best for near your eye but I always use hand sanitiser or nail varnish remover to get the dye off my hair line.” Yep, we probably wouldn’t recommend this at home.

Others suggested using micellar water and cotton pads so we’d go with that. Good luck, Libby!