Petrol, Diesel Prices Unchanged for Almost 2 Weeks. Know the Rates


Petrol and diesel prices were unchanged in major cities for the 13th consecutive day on Saturday, September 18. Meanwhile, the GST Council on Friday decided to continue keeping petrol and diesel out of the GST ambit and disposed of the proposal saying it was not the right time yet, reported.

According to a price notification by state-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs), petrol remained unchanged at Rs 101.19 per litre in Delhi, while diesel remained constant at Rs 88.62 per litre. In Mumbai, a litre of petrol and diesel prices remained unaltered at Rs 107.26 and Rs 96.19, respectively. It is to be noted that both auto fuel remains the highest among the four major metros in Maharashtra’s capital.

In Kolkata, both key fuel rates witnessed a similar trend. The retail pump petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged at Rs 101.62 and at Rs 91.71 per litre in West Bengal’s capital. On Saturday, petrol retailed at the same price at Rs 98.96 per litre, while diesel too remained unaltered at Rs 93.26 per litre in Chennai. Currently, fuel prices are the lowest among four metros in Tamil Nadu’s capital.

Petrol and diesel prices were last revised on September 5, when petrol and diesel prices were cut by 15 paise per litre each. However, despite two marginal revisions this month, both key fuel prices remain at an all-time high across the country after the rates were revised 41 times since April this year.

In the international market, crude oil price fell on Friday but held above $75 a barrel as energy companies in the US Gulf of Mexico resumed production in the region following two hurricanes, Reuters reported. Brent crude futures fell 33 cents, leaving the final price at $75.34 a barrel. Similarly, the U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures dropped 64 cents to settle at $71.97 a barrel, the report further cited.

Both key fuel prices in the country vary due to the Union and state government levied excise duty and local taxation (VAT) among others. State-owned OMCs revise rates of both auto fuels on a daily basis on the average price of benchmark fuel in the international market and foreign exchange rates. Any changes in petrol, diesel rates are implemented at 6 am IST every day.

Here are the petrol and diesel prices across all major cities across India:


Petrol – Rs 107.26 per litre

Diesel – Rs 96.19 per litre


Petrol – Rs 101.19 per litre

Diesel – Rs 88.62 per litre


Petrol – Rs 98.96 per litre

Diesel – Rs 93.26 per litre


Petrol – Rs 101.62 per litre

Diesel – Rs 91.71 per litre


Petrol – Rs 109.63 per litre

Diesel – Rs 97.43 per litre


Petrol – Rs 105.26 per litre

Diesel – Rs 96.69 per litre


Petrol – Rs 104.70 per litre

Diesel – Rs 94.04 per litre


Petrol – Rs 97.05 per litre

Diesel – Rs 88.05 per litre


Petrol – Rs 98.30 per litre

Diesel – Rs 89.02 per litre


Petrol – Rs 98.26 per litre

Diesel – 95.70 per litre